Sunday, March 1

Beach Weekend

Since last week, my fave aunt and her family (all are living in Rancho Cucamonga, LA) went here for a visit. I'm really glad they are here and I'm having so much fun with them. Last week, we stayed at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel for 4 days. I love it there, its one of my fave hotels here in Metro Manila. It was a bit of bad timing though, cos I had to study for my finals while vacationing. But still, I had loads of fun!

So now we're in Subic, a place north of Manila. It's a pretty okay place, but lets just say that this isn't my favorite. But since everyone wanted to go to the beach, and we didn't have time drive to or to fly to other farther islands, we settled for this. I've got no complaints though, and everyone is happy! We're staying at Playa Papagayo, a very cute, rustic beach inn. Reminds me of the beach inns and hotels we stayed in while we were in Palawan. Our room is very cute:

And this is the beach. Nothing special, but still gorgeous for me, as I live for the beach:

We're staying overnight. I went for a swim this afternoon but again the sun and my skin are not best friends. They hate each other like hell. Which sucks for me cos I always love getting those tans! I only end up with either red, or half a shade darker, or a shade darker at the most, if I'm lucky. So tomorrow later I'm planning to stay under the sun for at least 3 hours just to get a decent tan.

Didn't realize its almost 3am now. Really have to get to bed.