Friday, March 13

And there's more...

NO. No no no no no no no no no...

It's only on, its not as hyped up as Veeyah's and I haven't seen it anywhere, but its been going on for so long already, and considering the state of the club right now, there's more of a possibility that it will happen...

But no. Please, not to Italy. Not elsewhere.

Ok, objectively speaking, Veeyah is the one who shouldn't be sold. The team needs him, no scrap that, the team is dead without him. And if there's anyone who could be sold other than him, then he should stay. But I'm talking about Silva here... I'm not saying that he should stay over Villa. I'm saying that both of them shouldn't be sold, period.

Honestly, transfer news about Silva is breaking my heart more, because aside from the fact that he is my first love, he started my love for Valencia. It doesn't mean that it's only him I care about. Yes, he is the reason why I started following and supporting them, but everything and everyone just grew on me after that. When I started supporting the club, they were already starting to fall into troubles. And given that, I didn't care and still supported them. But no matter how fail they are right now and how much worse they could be, I'm still sticking around. Even if Silva leaves, I'm staying. Because I love them too much as a whole team and not just him. And having the club is what matters most.

If ever Silva does leave, I will still follow him. But only him, only David Josue Jimenez Silva, and not the club he will be playing for. Unless its United or Pool, lol. But no, please, just no. He is staying at Valencia. I am offering prayers for him and Veeyah. Please, just let them stay :(

Its not my fault that I'm so affected by this. I love him, that's why. I cannot imagine him playing elsewhere, I cannot imagine him wearing other colors. Its only black white and Valencia orange. I still haven't come to terms with accepting this, its way too hard. So please, no... Enough of tearing up my heart.