Sunday, December 20

Happy VCF Christmas!

I'm bored. So I'm answering this VCF Christmas thingy from vcf_fangirls.

Merry Christmas in advance from bb Silva! <3>

What would you give David Villa for Xmas?
A new designer wardrobe. Not Dsquared.

Where would you spend Xmas with David Silva?
Where else? ;D Under the mistletoe, beside the tree, in front of a fireplace... Anywhere, as long as it's with him. LOL. Seriously, I'd like him to spend Christmas Eve with me and my family. Then we'd spend Christmas Day with his family.

Which player would you kiss under the mistletoe?
Silva, of course. And Albi will be home for Christmas. And Alexis, and Jordi, and Isco, and Mata, and Carlos

Alexis has a New Year's Eve party, but so does Marchena. Which one do you go to?
THIS IS A VERY HARD QUESTION!!! *huffs* Seriously boys, why do you have to have two parties?! Just make it a joint party FFS. Yeah, that's it, I'll just make them throw one huge party. Problem solved.

Who would you most like to see dressed as Santa?
I'd go for Silva. He'll be my Santa baby. Hee. :P

What should be Emery's New Year's resolution?
Find a jacket/coat that fits him well so he won't take ages trying them on during games. And more entertaining hand gestures/airplane directing please. Lol.

You can't think of anything to give Albelda so you give him a gift certificate, but to which shop?
To my twin's shop. Located in her bedroom. :P

Which Xmas movie would you watch with Ever?
I dunno, prolly Home Alone.

Vicente asks you to spend Xmas with him but you have to do it out in the forest, hunting deer. Do you take him up on the offer?
No no no, I don't like people killing animals :( I'd spend Christmas with Chente, but not hunting. Like twin said, it's a moral dilemma! I like Chente but I hate people who hunt. So... :[

You're a bit tipsy at the office Xmas party when Pablo comes up and suggests you go home. Do you do as he says or do you throw yourself at him, knowing everyone will joke about you until the next Xmas party?
If Silva was there, there's no way I'd throw myself at Pablo. Silva will take care of me. *nods*

Alexis had way too much to drink at his NYE party. Do you hold his hair back as he hurls into the toilet, or do you leave him to it?
Of course I'll hold it back! My poor baby. Mustn't get his hair ruined.

Which product from the VCF catalogue do you want for Xmas the most, jersey, backpack, sheets?
Jerseys and sheets! Asindown calendar!!! And the Sesame Street stuffed dolls and VCF bear and pillows! And jackets! And everything lol.

Mata asks to kiss you on the stroke of midnight on NYE. But your boyfriend is there too. Who do you kiss?
I'd kiss the bf first. Then I'd sneak in a kiss with Mata while the bf isn't looking. Haha :P

Your fav player is spending Xmas with you and your family. Does it go well or is it really awkward?
Aww, bb Silva spending time with my family. Too cute. And too adorable. My family will love him. And he'll get along with my brother so well.

Moya buys you a frying pan for Xmas. Do you thank him?
No. I'd just tell him to bring it back to the store so he can use the money to pay for goalkeeping lessons that he desperately needs to take.

Cesar is already asleep before the midnight mass. Do you take the opportunity to draw Santa's beard on him or let him sleep?
Aww, poor Cesar. But I'd draw the beard, he won't get mad anyway and think it'll be hilarious.

What is the ideal Xmas gift for Miguel?
All I can think of is a dozen of really loud alarm clocks.

What would be the best thing for VCF in 2010?
Finish in the top 4, qualify for CL, win Europa League, win Copa del Rey, keep all the important players.

Alexis asks you to make sure Silva gets his Xmas gift. Do you do it, or pretend it's from you, knowing that it's bound to be something awesome?
I won't have to pretend, because I'm the Christmas gift. LOL! :P

Who would you make a whole damn Xmas dinner for?
Silva, of course. And Albi, and Lexie. And well, the whole team, actually. I'd love to have them all for Christmas.


Sunday, December 13

Real Mierda can take the piss.

I am still so pissed and so bitter about last night, we really didn't deserve to lose. I needed to waffle. So if you do not want to read through this, or if you are some Madridista who easily gets offended, I've warned you. Do not click on this post.


Note: I haven't rewatched the game, and only watched the highlights to refresh my mind a bit, so these are the thoughts I have on top of my head. I may have not noticed some things, or saw some things wrongly, if I'm not too busy I shall rewatch the game and maybe edit this.

THE DEFENCE. You fail. I just mentioned a few days ago that Navarro was one of the more reliable ones. But this time, he failed so bad (as well as last week, but that was mostly the ref's fault). That header, he should've made it, it was so easy. I cannot believe how he missed it Ugh. Bruno, idek why he's Unai's first choice. He's been making ridiculous decisions and has already cost us two games. I'd rather have Miguel in there. But then I think Unai is punishing/giving Miguel a lesson on discipline, with his attitude and always being late for training. Dealbert made decent clearances but wasn't his usual self. However, he and Matheiu did a decent job imo. Matheiu contributed to the attacking as usual, adding an added threat along with the forwards. Most importantly, he was the one responsible for setting up Quino's goal. (Sidenote: poor guy picked up a knock during the game and now we will miss him for the Europa League game against Genoa and possibly the final La Liga game too for the year against Depor).

Cesar wasn't his usual amazing self, but you can't solely blame the guy. A keeper can only do his job well if the defence helps him out. The defence, however, was absent. In Higuain's first goal, Cesar couldn't do much about it as he was guarding the opposite corner where Pepe was threatening to score. The defence was scrambling, they left Higuain unmarked and left him to head the ball in the right corner. In his second goal, it was a defensive fail foremost, but I think Cesar should've made a better effort in saving the ball. But Gonzo - I have to hand it to the guy, he was on fire during the match. As for Garay's goal, it was a lucky shot for him. He wasn't even looking, his back and head was turned against the goal and he just nodded the ball towards the far corner of the net. Too bad Cesar couldn't have stretched some more to save it.

Pablo and Mata weren't bursting out to create scoring chances. Pablo had a few chances but failed to make the net. His set pieces and crosses were not up to his usual best. Mata played a bit better than Pablo, finding more chances to score but he couldn't find the net too. His shots were poor. Marchena and Albelda weren't so much effective as the previous matches. However, it was too chaotic in the midfield, too many tackling and shoving and pushing and hurting. I am not biased when I say that those RM twats were giving the Valencianistas a beating of their lives with their hard tackles and fouls. I'm looking at you, Sergio Ramos and Lass. The fucking ref, like all other refs, want their beloved Madrid to win so much, so as usual, we got screwed. How many terrible tackles did he let pass by? And how many fouls did he let go off without giving cards? I think Lass deserved a second yellow and should've been thrown out of the game. Sergio's tackle on Marchena was really bad and I am disgusted at him. Ugh, I am utterly disgusted at them.

Ever was really amazing. He kept on fighting for the ball and trying so hard to keep it in their possession even if those big RM meanies kept on bullying him. He kept on bursting through the RM players and provided the creativity they needed. He was most impressive when he darted through two RM defenders, dragged back the ball with his heel and tried to shoot. It would've been more amazing if the ball went in, but it was still amazing nonetheless. He's been very impressive and is one of the most consistent players in the squad, always giving his best in every game and proving why he deserves to be in the first team.

Dahveed was also there to provide his usual goalscoring skills, he made a beautiful header. A really beautiful one. However I thought that he was playing a quite off game. He would've scored more goals if he was playing his usual. Anyway, even if he was playing an off game, he scored, so it's good. And everyone has an off game every once in a while.

Also, I thought Unai would've started Joaquin. I was quite surprised when I learned he wasn't starting. He really should have. When he put him on, he made an instant impact, and scored us a goal which saved our asses off for a few minutes. If he started together with Pablo, the attack would've been quicker and would've posed a more dangerous threat. Quino has been great in the past few matches, he deserves more chances to start.

Oh well, what's happened has happened, and we could only learn from our mistakes. I refuse to say that the better team won, because they are not better than Valencia. Luckier, maybe, but not better. Valencia didn't deserve to lose and they put up a good fight. I am still so proud of my boys and I have nothing else but so much pride and love for them.

Also, I would just like to react to a stupid brainless 'fan' who made this comment which I happened to read through while scrolling through The Offside Valencia blog:
"why didn’t we played with moya against real madrid??? all of us know well that cesar is madridista, he give the match to real madrid. valencia must sack cesar now, i hate this motherfucker for now on. FUCK YOU CESAR"

Um, can somebody hand me a gun so I can shoot this idiot? Seriously, MOYA?! You wanted Moya in goal for the RM match? Did you want use to lose by 5, no wait, even more, goals? The idiocy! Cesar belongs to Valencia now. He loves Valencia. How many times has he saved our asses when the defence f's up?! He's amazing. He's so amazing that he has the ability to make us want his babies. Sack Cesar? Oh God, if that happens, I might as well jump off a cliff... Dude, you need to get your head checked or something. It's the defence we have a problem with, not him. Cesar can only do so much. And pretty much most of the time, it's him who saves us when the games are not going right. We were just really unlucky this time. You fuck off.

On a last note, because I cannot not mention him here. Albi. Oh God. The moment you walked out on the pitch, I was in pieces. At kickoff, and for the whole 90 minutes and some, you were the enemy. But after the game, when I saw your face... *sighs* You need to come home. Valencia is your home. You don't belong in Madrid. You are a true Valencianista and you best not let Madrid stain you. We will still welcome you with open arms. We still love you, and we always will. Come home, bb. Come home. We'll be waiting.


Thursday, December 10

My babies!

I've just realised I haven't made a post about my beloved doggies. I admit I have a favourite dog, but I love them all the same. All of them are mixed breeds. Meet Butter, Mocha and Maddie!

This is Butter, she is the oldest among them. She is around 5 years old, I think. She recently gave birth to two little pups, Scotch and Raisin. I have no idea what mix of breeds she has lol. She is the quietest among them. She's my mom's favourite because she's really well behaved and not hyperactive unlike the other two.

This one is Mocha. She is 3 years old, and she is the biggest and tallest of them all. We all got surprised that she grew this big and tall, when she was younger she was so itty bitty and her body structure was small. Maybe it was the vitamins that she took when she was a baby are what gave her a growth spurt. She's very playful and energetic, sometimes she scares me when she jumps on me because she's so big, haha.

And this is my baby, Maddie! She is half Shih Tzu and half Jack Russel. She is very much like me, even my mom says so haha. She is very playful and active, but get on her wrong side and she'll bitch and snob you like whoa. She's also very spoiled which is my fault haha. And just saying, I'm not spoiled. Unlike her. She knows how to manipulate people. She'll be so charming and sweet but once she gets what she wants, she'll ignore you. This dog has got some attitude and she's the most intelligent.

Maddie is my favourite of them all because she is the dog that is really mine. Butter is really the family dog, and Mocha is really my Mama's (my grandmother) dog. They're all very sweet, which is what I really love about them, because I love giving them hugs and cuddles and brushing their hair and whatnot. :)



This post is long overdue, and I told twin I'd do a similar post like hers, so yeah, here it is. Like her, I went shopping crazy the past few months. Well, I regularly go crazy shopping, but this year it's just really gone out of control. I don't even remember everything that I've bought. Anyway, here are a few of the items I picked up. Forgive the crappy quality btw as the piccys were taken using my phone and I can't be bothered to haul out the DLSR.

I love this pretty dress. It's vintage and it's the only piece made. I don't have to worry if there's anybody out there having the same dress. And it's such a great buy - P500, or around $11/£7.

I love the yellow shade of this one, it's not too bright on the eyes. Really cheap too, P450 - around $10/£6.

I love this dress. It has such a nice fit. It also looks really classy when worn. I cannot wait to wear this in law school. Same price as the dress above, bought it in the same shop.

Ok. This is where most of my money went. Don't ask me how long (or short) it took me to buy these things because I don't even remember. Let's just say that if I were to compute the average, I buy like two pairs of shoes per week. And some shoes are not even included in this pic. Shoes are my obssession, it's becoming even worse as each day passes. Anyway, moving along...

I am also an accessories person, so I bought some new funky bangles and bracelets and whatnot. Oh and a pretty Indian-ish necklace too. It's really pretty, but you can't see it here because the pic quality is crappy.

I'm not as obssessed with bags as compared with shoes. But I do love me some pretty handbags too. I've been wanting the purple one from Dorothy Perkins, but I found these two while on holiday in South Korea and I'm glad I didn't buy the one from DP because I like these two better.

And this one is my favourite! My mother decided to make Christmas come to me early, so she got me this Marc Jacobs handbag as an advanced Christmas present. I loooove it. It would look so good with my camel studded booties.

And then there's more stuff like tops and several skirts and trousers for law school, and some leggings (oh and I bought a couple of pairs of jeggings too lol) and I don't even remember anymore. So yeah, I'm pretty low on cash right now, and it's Christmastime and I haven't even finished shopping for gifts. It's so hard to restrain myself from buying stuff from myself. *sighs* But I do resolve not to shop for myself until Christmas is over. Let's see how long I'll last...


Wednesday, December 9

This is so cute I just had to post it.

Saw this from Ruthie's tumblr. Just a little peek at Filipino cuisine. This pic is too adorable. Now I want lechon and chicharon. Om nom nom.


Saturday, December 5

VCF Fashion: Jackets

Valencia is no doubt the hottest team in La Liga. True fact. And bias aside. Really. But even if they are the hottest team, and even if all of the boys have such pretty faces, they are one of the teams who commit the most fashion fails. Of course they're bound to belong to the list of fashion fails, Alexis is on the team. And don't even get me started on Dahveed's obssession with Dsquared!

Anyway, this post is all about the hotness and the fashion, and well, the fails. Today's post will focus on.... Jackets!

Oh and just a sidenote, my criteria for judging is purely based on my own style and preference. Some people may disagree, but this is purely my own opinions. :)

Unai invites you in!

Mr Unai Emery: I do crush on him and fangirl sometimes when he's not making those stupid tactics and decisions. And when he's wearing glasses. Anyway, he looks really classy here and I approve of the jumper. The jeans are okay too as well as the choice of shoes. He does look too pale though. Can pass off as one of Carlisle Cullen's friends.

Miggy: I like the jacket. I don't like the polo and the trainers. Jeans are ok. He looks good generally.

Ok, I'm going to start with Pablo. He decided to play it safe with a white polo and faded jeans, and a black jacket. Very simple and clean, I like it. And he doesn't look funny here, and he's even giving a little smile! I like very much.

Dealbert. The jacket probably looks ok but I'm not a fan of it. Someone else would've probably rocked that kind of jacket better. And that shirt, I swear I've seen it before. He seems to be fond of stripes. Dealbert is running on top of my 'ballers-who-repeat-their-clothes-every-so-often' list. Um boys, with all the money you're earning, could you at least buy several shirts just so you won't get photographed in the same shirts?

Miku. My eyeeees! Did you go off stealing that jacket from Alexis' closet? Bb, you're hot and all, but that jacket really has to go. Like, immediately. I'd shred it into pieces, I don't even care how much that ridiculous jacket costs. The shirt and jeans combo are ok, but the red jacket is far too distracting. FAIL FAIL FAIL.

And here we have Ziggy looking sharp. His jacket gives off an Indiana Jones-ish vibe. Well at least for me, lol. White shirt+faded jeans = another classic. I approve.

Michel. Guh, he looks hot. Although I do not see the need to wear two jackets (or is it a vest underneath?). Are you that cold, bb? And the jeans, I do not like. The fit is too loose at the knees and I'm not a fan of the fold up ends. I like his shoes though, stylish. Metallic and shiny but not distracting and loud.

Cesar! Also another one who's usually guilty of fashion fails. But this time he looks decent. Not really much to say on his outfit, except that he's wearing two jackets too. Must be really cold I guess?

Maduro looks classy too. His style is kind of like Unai's. The shade of the jeans go well with the whole outfit too. I like.

Chente, umm, what is that jacket?! It looks like an old man's trenchcoat. Or a detective's coat. You should be forbidden to wear jackets like those! Show off your hot body FFS. And because his whole outfit is being covered up by the coat, I'll just turn my attention to his face. Which looks pretty as usual.

Mata looks really good. I love how his shoes coordinate with his scarf, and his jeans fit him just right, and are not clashing with the blue. And I really like his jacket.

Alexis, on the other hand.... Oh God. I don't even know where to start. The hair, I miss his shorter hair. I love how it's still so soft and blonde but I just really miss the old hair. The patent jacket... The jeans are too tight - skinny jeans on a guy? The sparkly shiny sneakers are ok if the jacket wasn't too shiny. UGH UTTER FAIL FAIL FAIL! Why do you insist on wearing shiny things, bb? You are not the Ramos! Do not turn into him! I am hating Elisabeth. She is to blame.

Dahveed. I bet one of those things that he's wearing is Dsquared. Maybe all of them are Dsquared. Lol. He's looking quite good here. The jacket kinda looks big on him but it's ok. The shirt's ok too, finally something not loud and obnoxious! The jeans are ok too. I'm starting to see a trend here, if he's not wearing those icky Dsquared tees, he's wearing checkered/plaid polos.

My bb! I may be a little biased here lol. He looks amazing. And him smiling at the kids, guuuuh. I'm so in love with this man. Anyway, I like his jacket. I love all his Adidas jackets. However, given that it's a team dinner, I think he should've worn something dressier. And the jogging pants, ugh, what were you thinking love? I'm just going to think that you needed to put something on your knee, or that if you had worn jeans or trousers you'd be putting too much pressure on your knee. You're forgiven just this once.

These two are imo the best dressed among the lot. Moya is looking really good. He looks good in anything though, dress him in a sack and he'd still look good. LOL. He's dressed simply. I like the shade of his jeans. His jumper's ok too, plain and simple and doesn't clash with the rest of the outfit. I don't like the pockets on the jacket much but like I said, he looks good.

Fernandes! Love his jacket, love his shirt. The jeans, I do not like as they are too faded and light, but very few people can rock this shade, and he made a damn fine job of rocking them. I just love how he put together this outfit and it really suits him. A+.

So the best dressed award goes to Fernandes, with Moya, Mata and Unai as runners up. The worst dressed award goes to... Um, Alexis? Or no, this time I'll give it to Miku, and Alexis shall be the runner up, because Miku usually dresses nicely and Alexis usually dresses badly.

I am disappointed that there aren't any pics of Marchenator, Quino and Vampy. Those three clean up so nicely! Boo fanboys, you fail.

Photos from aka Superdeporte. <3


Thursday, December 3


I rarely do this, but it's also so rare that I fall in love at first sight, so this man deserves his own post. The picture says it all. I have no words. *drools uncontrollably*

Mmhmm, and he totally distracted me from studying/revising. He has some power, that hot piece of manmeat. And speaking of manmeat... a little more candy after the jump.

I'm sold. I have a feeling he will be a regular. Maybe it's time I have my own Serie A boy. I'm in looooove.

Thanks to Liz for the vid!