Wednesday, March 11

Who's watching you?

I've seen this movie twice now. The first time I watched it was with the bf. We didn't really plan on watching it but we just spontaneously went to the theatres and decided there. Both of us didn't read the graphic novel, fyi. So we both found the movie so long and dragging (it went on for over 3 hours). It didn't help too that I was so sleepy that time. It took a long time for me to digest everything and had the bf explain some parts to me. I wasn't satisfied though, and I just had to watch it again.

So I dragged my brother (and our mom came along too) to watch it again. The second time I watched, it was just AMAZING. I was literally on the edges of my seat, and I understood it completely. It was just... AMAZING! The story, the characters, the plot, the way everything fell into place. I'm still in awe right now.

I love the way the fight scenes were choreographed. They were brilliant! The one with The Comedian being attacked, oooh that was so amazing. I loved the irony of it all, Unforgettable playing in the background while The Comedian was being beat up to death. And the one where Laurie and Dan broke into jail. So effing amazing! Fight scenes are really violent and gruesome and brutal, but whoever did the choreography on this movie is pure brilliance. I've never seen so much grace and fluidity in the choreography.

My brother was asking me who my favorite character was. I couldn't give him an answer. They're so different, so complex, so conflicted, but so intelligent and amazing. I love them!

I'm looking for the GN now, but I couldn't find it in the bookstores cos they sold out. Pft, cos of the movie hype, I suppose. Oh well. I've downloaded the GN from a torrent and I'm currently reading it, but I still want the real thing. I hate having to read from my laptop.