Monday, November 30

My poor baby.

I should be bothered by his pain but his face is just orgasmic

So everybody and their cat already knows that my bb Silva is out for a month due to a grade 2 sprain on his LCL and a strain on his ACL. Meaning he will miss the rest of the games for 2009, including RM (which, for me, is a good thing because that's one less heartbreak, I don't want to see Albi against him). When I saw him go down during the game, oh god, I couldn't even... I just prayed he was ok, and seeing as he went back on the pitch after he got checked over by the physios and stuff, I thought it wasn't so serious. But then my fear was confirmed when moments later, Unai subbed him and Quino went on. Again, I hoped it was only for precaution and nothing really serious, but after the game I went crazy worrying and panicking when I read from Superdeporte that he left the Mestalla in crutches. So yeah, bottom line is, he's injured, and he'll be out for a month. He'll be missing the games against Lille, Bilbao, RM, Genoa and Depor for December. Hopefully he'll be fit by January.

I am seriously sad and frustrated. Poor guy just wants to play, but all he gets are bad tackles and the ref screwing him up, and now he's injured himself. *sighs* And he should've scored too if not for that unfortunate incident.

What does this mean for Valencia? They'll miss their left winger, his creativity, passes, playmaking and all. I know we have enough cover - Ever or Joaquin can play in his position, or even Jordi Alba, or Unai with his unconventional tactics can even surprise us all with something. And there's still Pablo and Mata. But still, and bias aside, the game changes without Silva. When Quino went on for him, it kind of went... down. His passes and vision are vital to the team. But then, we can manage without him I guess. I hope.

But not if Dahveed manages to screw up again. Mr. Temperamental Bitchface should really learn how to manage his temper. How many unnecessary yellows has he got already? Kicking someone's crotch, knocking the ball out of the keeper's hand and having a go at him, etc... I understand your frustration, Mr. Veeyah, but seriously, you have to learn to control your antics. Another yellow and you'll be suspended. Valencia cannot afford to lose Silva AND you at the same time. And while I'm at it, I am still annoyed at your selfishness. I know that being a striker, you can't help being selfish as you want to score goals for the team, and you want to win the Pichichi and all that... But can't you at least afford to let your other teammates score? They are very capable of scoring goals too, you know. Silva already headed the ball in. It was clearly going in. No defenders in that area, the keeper was in the other corner of the goal, it was all clear. But no, you still decided to flick the ball with your toe, which rendered the goal unallowed because you were offside. If that goal was counted, we should've won, but no, it cost us the game, together with Bruno's utter stupidity in giving away that PK (which I am more annoyed at). I have nothing against Dahveed, in fact, he is one of my favourite players. He's the best striker in the world and he totally deserves to be in the Ballon d'Or shortlist (which the twin has done a very good entry on btw, click here) these antics of his have got to stop before it causes us even more damage.

And since this post is turning into a full blown rant... The boys' finishing was way off. There were so many chances created. Quino and Mata should've scored. Quino's attempt from such an amazing play would've been such an amazing goal but it hit the stupid post. And Mata, idk why he can't make those balls go in. I'm sure there were several chances where he should've easily made the ball go in. Also, here we go with the Unai decisions. I really do not get this man. Most of the time, he starts out fine, his lineups work well, his plays work well. And then suddenly, he makes these substitutions. Like before - Maduro for Ever. And then most recently, in last Saturday's game, Alexis went on for Pablo. I mean, I get it, put another defender on to try to protect the lead. But that doesn't work well every time. Seriously, Unai, you took out Pablo on the event that we're only up by 1? And then the disaster happens, Bruno fucks up, concedes the PK, and Mallorca equalises. Without Silva AND Pablo, then there's really no one creating and holding the plays. No entiendo. *shakes her head* You put Ziggy on, but then he fucks up too. It was a dive, from what I've seen. But it could've been not, I may be wrong. What I'm saying is, if he hadn't subbed Pablo, there could've been someone creating a play and we could've created a better chance at scoring another goal. Bleaugh, whatever, the game clearly didn't go our way. And I give up trying to understand Unai.

We should've gotten the full three points and went ahead of Sevilla, as well as pulled the gap between RM and us closer, but thankfully Sevilla fucked up and only got a point. So considerably, it's not too bad.

Valencia's next game is tomorrow vs Lille for the Europa League. Please, Lord, help the boys do well. I am forever grateful for all the help you have been giving them. Thank you.


Monday, November 23


Ok, I am so lame and totally made of fail, I forgot I even had a blog. Well, not really. Just been really busy with, what else, law school. Yes, I did have my break, but it was only for two weeks and that was mostly spent on my holiday in South Korea. Which I am supposed to blog about, but I haven't found the time yet. *kicks law school*

So what have I been up to? Well, there was the holiday during my break. And when I got home, I learned that I survived my first semester of law school. I'm not proud of my grades because they are in no way up to my usual standards, but considering that it's my first semester and I'm still adjusting to the work load and all, I'll take it. It doesn't mean I take pride in it though. And it's not like I studied and revised. I've been a lazy student and I am so not proud of it. I vow to do better in my second semester though, which started 1st week of November. The load's quite lighter now as compared to the first semester, and I'm glad.

As for football... click on the 'read more' link below if you want to read my realisations. Everyone knows I have a weird love for Man U and Liverpool. I've been loyal to Man U for the past years, but I've always had this love for Liverpool I can't explain. This season, I'm starting to realise that I'm not so much in love with Man U as I was before, and it may be stupid, but I think it's got to do with Cris' leaving. I still love the team, but it's just not the same. It's like the spark that keeps the team going died down. They're still a great team and I know that Cris isn't the only player that matters, but I just can't bring myself to love them like before. And I'm such a bad fan because I can barely remember when was the last time I watched a whole game they played. I think it was against Liverpool. And they lost.

And so we come to Liverpool. I don't even know where to start. It hurts so bad to see them like this. Me being a Man U fan, this is conflicting, right? But I told you, I'm weird like that. I'm beginning to love Liverpool more these days. I've always had this soft spot for them ever since because of their football. But what makes me love them more is the Kop and the fans. The Kop is like the Ateneo (my uni) faithful supporters, they never leave their team, win or lose. And the feeling of family with the Liverpool girls is just amazing. I've never felt that with Man U, it was like... I was supporting them on my own. But with Liverpool, it feels like a family. And it was especially touching when empireofthekop from Twitter was tweeting and helping out during the Ketsana/Ondoy period. They said I'll never walk alone. And it's so true. Despite the current fails Liverpool may be having right now, I've been falling more in love with them. I guess I'm beginning to be a full fledged Liverpool convert...

And as for the team I love most. I am so proud of Valencia. *hugs them tight* They are so amazing. Of course there's still the inevitable Moya fail, and the defence fail, but they make it through. I love them. I love them with my heart and soul and even more if it was possible. I cannot even explain into words how happy I am and how much I love them.

Oh and yeah, I still haven't accepted the whole Albi thing. I know, it's been months, and I thought I already did, but no. And the day he'll face Valencia will be the death of me. Donut want.

Generally, guess life's pretty good to me, except for some fails and issues here and there. But hey, whoever said life's easy, right? So yeah, I shall borrow my twin's kindergartener (slash my other cheerleader) to remind me that everything will be ok.

Teehee, such a cutie :D