Friday, March 20

Please don't stop the music.

In a pathetic attempt to cheer myself up, I will blog about random things.

Since I lost my iPod video, Frangipani, a month ago, I have been thinking about which iPod to get to replace it. I was thinking of getting the iPhone, but I decided I didn't want it really, I wanted a normal phone and a separate iPod for all the music and such. The iPhone only has 16gb worthb of storage space and that is too little for both my phone and music files.

So I was choosing between the iPod classic (80gb), which had way more storage space but same old features, or the iTouch (16gb), which had less storage space, but way more fun features. And the price, well, of course the iTouch costs more than the classic one. I didn't really want to splurge out a lot of money for this because I'm also going to replace my old camera. But then my dad is such a savior, and as a reward for me being in the Dean's List, he got me the 32gb iTouch.

I will take an actual pic of the new baby if I'm not lazy. Anyway, his name is... Josue. Yes, I've decided to stick with it. I think. I've been having issues with choosing the name because I like Ruano too. It sounds so pretty. But I'm faithful like that, so Josue it is...

I can change it any time anyway.

I also got these!

I really wanted these, but they're too big for me. My brother got them anyway. I love the colors. Valencia! :D
Yay. :D