Sunday, March 1


I received a lovely surprise last Thursday night. When my dad got home, he told me that my cousin asked him to give something to me. When he handed it over, I squealed. It was a photo of Andy Murray, taken by my cousin's parents when they were watching him at the US Open. Squee. Squee. Squeeeee. :)

Muzz isn't really my top tennis player, it's actually Rafa! ♥ But the cousin 'converted' me, made me into a Muzz fan too. But Rafa is still number one for me.


Excessive fangirling is not good for your health. One will experience weakening of the knees (which does not help at all since I already have very weak knees), quickening of the heart that may lead to palpitation and hyperventilation (so not helping with my asthma), uncontrollable spilling of drool caused by overactive saliva glands (er, yeah), and the unsatiable urgency to plaster your head on and lick the screen.

Bah, who cares.


I found out yesterday that I'm not completely free from uni, after all. I still have to get this clearance form sorted out. I also have to go to this stupid guidance interview which I firmly find completely useless and a good waste of my time. I also have to go to this freaking seminar later today for all the seniors, which is another complete waste of my 4 hours. 4 freaking hours. Gah.

Oh and the best thing? My professor from my other course, Cultural Heritage, just told me yesterday that I still need to do a presentation of my dissertation.



Buena said...

Hey, so you should talk to twiny if you want more pictures of both Murray and Rafa. We got to see them play in Abu Dhabi in January and she has pictures from that match!