Sunday, March 1


Apparently, I was right. I knew they'd make up soon.

Article by Reuters here.

I've got mixed reactions to this. I've been a Chris Brown fan for so long. I admire him for his clean image, his voice, his songs, and most especially his dance skills. But this whole drama made me rethink about this.

I feel so sad for Rihanna, and so angry at CB. I'm not that much of fan of Rihanna, but no man has the right to beat up any woman! I was so sad for them, more for Rihanna. They were such a good couple, so in love, so cute, so... perfect. It was really heartbreaking, this whole incident.

But now they've reconciled. They're back together! Jeez, are you insane, Rihanna? After what he's done to you, you still find strength to go back to him? Seriously. Come on.

But who are we to judge, right? Love makes us do silly and stupid things. Oh well. I can only pray that Chris Brown learns from his mistakes and never hurt her again.