Tuesday, January 19

Project 365: 19/365

Crappy pic, but mai chewy peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies! Well, what's left of them, haha. Made a batch today, they turned out to be so yummy. There's some cookie dough left, might bake some more soon.


Monday, January 18

Project 365: 18/365

Pearly sheeeells... *sighs* I miss the beach.


Sunday, January 17

Project 365: 17/365

My brother waiting for the footie game at uni to start. I like this pic!


Project 365: 16/365

Taken at the party last night. Yes that's my ring but it's not an engagement ring lol!


Project 365: 15/365

My bday cake from dinner! Caramel pudding cake with caramel ice cream and caramel sauce. So om nom.


Project 365: 14/365

Sorry but I cheated on my 14th pic, I really didn't have time to take any piccies. This was taken on the 15th. Free cosmos! <3


Shoe Crazy

You know how twins usually do the same things (and I'm just trying to justify my being a copycat for this post lol), so I'm doing a shoe post as well. I have a serious problem with shoes as twin said, but I refuse to admit that it is that worse! I haven't taken pics of my shoe collection and I don't even know how many I own already. And I keep on wanting more, it's insane. So yeah, here's the top 15 pairs I want right now. Some pairs are from past collections and I've been wanting for ages. Mind you, I cannot afford some of them and I'm not going to include the prices anymore cos if I see them I'll just get depressed lol. It's obvious which ones are for wishful thinking only anyway. But hey, I can dream, right? :P

1 - Melissa+Vivienne Westwood, Lady Dragon, yellow&black
2 - Steve Madden, Tristano
3 - Aldo, Stemper

4 - Pedro, Criss-cross Lace-up Heels
5 - Aldo, Eledge
6 - Nine West, Cawley
7 - Carlos by Carlos Santana, Romantica
8 - Christian Louboutin, Studio 120 peep toe pumps
9 - Christian Louboutin, Straratata 140 suede sandals
10 - Jimmy Choo, Loop patent leather sandals
11 - Melisssa+Vivienne Westwood, three straps elevated
12 - Jimmy Choo, Cole
13 - Jimmy Choo, Needle

14 - Miu Miu, Rivet ankle boots
15 - Nine West, Genarosa

And these two are on twin's list but I like them too:
Steve Madden, Twistedd Blush
Steve Madden, Loyyall (twin wants these in blue, I want them in black)


Wednesday, January 13

Project 365: 13/365

Kinda crappy pic for today. Bored, stuck in traffic on my way home. Anyhoo, see those bracelets? They're all given to me by some of the most special people in my life. Each one has been given by a different person (except for the black one and the rainbow one, those were given by the same person). There should be more bracelets but the more I keep adding on to them, the heavier it gets, obviously. I interchange some bracelets so I can wear the others too sometimes. And yeah, this was taken in my car, Taylor.


Project 365: 12/365

We have this huge glass bottle at home (and I mean huge, it's like, up to my thigh) which we fill with 1-peso coins. We've been filling it for years, and it's only half full as of now!


Tuesday, January 12

Project 365: 11/365

Baby buddhas!


United State of Pop

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

Ok, where have I been hiding and why did I only discover this today? I am a loser. Mashups by DJ Earworm of the Top 25 hit songs of the year according to Billboard, from 2007, 2008 and 2009 (in that order in the playlist). I like the 2009 one best. This is awesome.


Sunday, January 10

Project 365: 10/365

Scotch and her rainbow leash! I am seriously in love with my pups, can't stop taking pics of them. <3


Saturday, January 9

Project 365: 9/365

My din dins. Loooove sushi. Loooove Japanese food.


Friday, January 8

Happy birthday, Silva! <3

Happy happy happy 24th birthday to the only footballer who is able to transform me into a mess of a squealy fangirl and lose all my coherence, the only footballer who can turn me into a puddle of mush and goo with everything he does, the man I am hopelessly and pathetically in love with, mi amor, David Josué Jiménez Silva! ♥ ♥ ♥

To celebrate this day, here are 24 pics of awesomeness (aka 24 of my favouritest pics of him).

ILY bb! ♥ ♥ ♥