Monday, March 30


I'm lame. I've been totally ignoring this blog for so many days now. Well its only because of two reasons:

1. I am tired of having to blog about constant depressing and annoying stuff happening, it will just turn my blog into a dumpsite of incoherent and nonsense rants.

2. I have been trying to make use of my time. Translation: I am trying to get a life. Haha. I've spent the past month doing nothing - just sleeping, waking up late, staying up late, messing up my body clock, putting off a lot of things that need to be done just because I'm too lazy. So yeah, starting this April, its time for me to get things done and fix my life. Lol.

I am leaving for Taiwan in a few days, so that means very limited internet time. I will blog about random snippets from my trip while I'm there if I have the time. There's internet in our hotel room so yay! But I'll be out the whole day and will need lots of sleep for energy to go around the country, so I'll only be online for a short while before I sleep, I guess. I will miss the crazy chats and Twitter! :(

But I am very excited for my trip! As always! I love traveling around, whether locally or abroad. I'm going with my family, so yaaaay I have my mom to pay for my shopping. Yes I am spoiled. I do not pay for my shopping expenses. If I have to, it is very minimal. So yay, more savings for me! Haha. :p And I'm also very excited to take photos! I love taking photos, especially of beautiful places and sights. Can't wait! :)


Gina Villamelon said...

I'm so excited for you and your trip, but I've just realised that means 2 weeks of little to no communication with my twin :(