Monday, March 2

Let it go away.

I hate waking up with a nagging pain in my heart. And to add to that, the sky decided to rain. Thanks for adding to the depressing mood. Right.

So in a pathetic effort to cheer myself up, I am answering this. From ONTD.

A) 3 players you like who play for a rival team(s)

1) Fernando Torres
2) Xabi Alonso
3) Steven Gerrard

B) a player from a rival team that you would unfunfunfff
1) Fernando Torres

C) the player who got you into football
1) David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo

D) 2 players you dislike for club but like for country
1) Xavi
2) Carlos Marchena

E) a player who you used to like but not anymore
1) Cesc Fabregas

F) a relatively unknown player who you are a fan of
1) Rodrigo Possebon

G) a player who has grown on you
1) Vicente

H) a player you love who has left your club
1) David Beckham (though I love him no more now)

I) a player you could not stand who has left your club
1) Hrm, none that I know of. But there are some who I want to leave.

J) 3 players who you liked for their talent before you considered their looks
1) David Villa
2) Ronaldinho (obviously bwahahaha)
3) Dimitar Berbatov

K) the one player you would 1000000000% put out for ;)
1) David Silva

L) a player you like who plays in a league you don't follow
1) Kaka

M) 3 players who you don't understand the appeal of
1) Cristiano Ronaldo (and heck I fell for him)
2) Lionel Messi
3) Lukas Podolski

N) a player you like but is disliked by most
1) Cristiano Ronaldo

O) the player who you will love unconditionally no matter what
1) David Silva and Cristiano Ronaldo

now take the first names you answered for questions: A) L) J) and play a game of F/M/K!
fuck: Fernando Torres
marry: Kaka
kill: Ronaldinho


chicnandia said...

Clarice,I had no idea you likes CRon!!!I personally dont know what i feel about him,but when I like him I'm kind of scared of myself..LOL!

Anna Clarice said...

Lol, yeah he's my first love in the EPL. I don't understand myself either.