Tuesday, March 3

Meet Frank.

This is Frank. He is my adopted baby. He is a Canon 450D Rebel XSi. I adopted him because Xabi, my Nikon CoolPix s550 camera was stolen from me. I am still very heartbroken by that loss. :( But Frank is a very, very good boy. He takes so many beautiful photos. I love him, but its impossible to take pictures of myself with these SLRs. I miss Xabi :(

I did not name him Frank. My mother decided with the name, since she has a huge crush on Lampsy. I just adopted him, he isn't really all mine. And if he were really mine I wouldn't go naming him Frank anyway. Lol. I named the lost camera Xabi because it was sooo like him - so cool, so elegant, so beautiful. Gah, I miss that freaking camera so much. He was only a month old when he got stolen from me. *sigh*

And yes, I name my things. Not all though, only my gadgets. And my car.