Friday, March 6


I'm not usually vocal on footy matters, since I don't like talking about it in technical terms. I am not a good sports writer, and there are many out there who write really well about the matches and the teams, and I'm afraid of making mistakes on the commentaries, hehe. But this isn't about the matches, this is about one of the causes of the heartbreaks that we Valencia fans are experiencing right now.

And no, its not about my bb Silva, if you were expecting him. Its actually surprising that the first ever footy player I'm going to blog about is...

This is old, but... *shrugs*


Vicente Rodriguez (Valencia)

Finally we reach a player who, while fit enough to play, still has yet to return to his glorious earlier form.

(Yet to return, huh? He is actually back to his old form. He's just not being given a chance to play! AHEM UNAI AHEM!)

Known only as Vicente, this ambitious midfielder was one of the top talents of his day - but that day was just a few short years ago. The 27-year-old, who cut his teeth at Levante, moved to Valencia at the turn of the century and swiftly helped guide the Che to an historic Liga title.

Another soon followed in 2003-04, where Vicente's wing play helped propel the Mestalla side not just to the league, but also the UEFA Cup final victory over Marseille.

But from then on injuries were to take their toll, and so low did his morale fall that, resigned to more months on the treatment table, Vicente publicly condemned the Valencia club doctors for their part in his failure to recover.

(Ok, I do not know about this so I will not comment.)

He eventually did manage to make a playing comeback, but no longer is he the wizard of the wing: instead, he's generally a substitute.

(HE IS STILL A WIZARD! Have you seen him play? It's pure magic! He comes in and everything changes! UNAI JUST DOESN'T WANT HIM TO START AND THAT IS UTTERLY BULL.)

Will he ever return to the legendary status that once seemed to be made for him?


Phew. There, I just let it out. I've been repeating this every single day (others have too) and no matter how many times I rant about this, the outrage never lessens. *sigh*

And to pay attention to my bb Silva, I hope your injuries are on their way to a fast recovery. I will miss seeing you play. I will miss you so effing much if you don't get back to fitness right away! You have me as your nurse, so, everything is well. Teehee :)