Wednesday, March 4

On the HWC

Warning: This is a fangirl post.

Spain A v Brazil:
I actually voted for Kaka and not Iker. (Ok, throw eggs at me now.) I can't help it, Kaka is one of my heroes. As for the rest, I voted for the Spanish boys. Xabi, Nando, Veeyah and Albiol! Ah, they are love. Though I am finding Pato quite cute. :)

Spain B v Germany:
Raul. Cesc. Bojan. SILVA. ♥ This is my favoritest team evarr. Of course I am a bit biased cos of Silva being in it. But really, Raul is there. And Bojan. And Cesc (even if I don't like him anymore). Notice how I didn't include The Ramos? Hehe. I dunno, there are only certain times when I find him hot. Scrap that, the only time I find him hot is when he's on the pitch. Off it, bleaugh. I voted for him though, as a sign of support to Spain! Lol.

ROW v France:
I really do not find the French appealing. I don't know why. So yeah, I did vote for the ROW guys. But I voted for Flamini, hehe. I can't believe Dagger lost to Lashes! I really don't find Lashes appealing! Grr. Oh well. Roque! ♥

England v Italy B:
Becks, check. Theo (guh), check. Lamps, check. Stevie, check. The only Italian who won my vote was Maldini. I'm not really following this faceoff.

And so for the semis, its Spain A v Spain B, ROW v England.

ROW v England: I don't really care that much, but I think I'd like ROW to win this. I'm going to be cheering for Roque and Dagger. Wee!

Spain A v Spain B: THIS IS GOING TO BE SO EFFING HARD. And I'm serious. I do not know how I will be able to go through this. It's going to be so painful. I will probs spend hours staring at the screen and rethinking before I cast my vote. Pft. Pfffftttt. PFFFFTTTTTT!

And it will hurt to choose between Veeyah and Silva. Choosing one of them will probs hurt the most. But I guess you know who I'll end up choosing anyway.