Tuesday, April 28

Taiwan - Day 4!

Day 4.

It was cold again, 14-15 degrees with slight rain. Again, I didn't have warm clothes with me, lol.

Mom and I roamed the streets in search of good breakfast food, we were tired of the hotel buffet and McDonald's. We decided to be adventurous and tried every single food item we saw on the carts along the streets. We sampled different kinds of buns, dumplings and sandwiches. My particular favorite was this roast pork and omelette sandwich, with milk tea of course! Too bad I forgot to take pics of all the food.

We then went to the Taipei Zoo. I was so excited about the Pandas but I was very unlucky, turns out that the Panda exhibits were closed on every first Monday of the month. :( The zoo didn't disappoint though, there were still lots of interesting animals to see, and the landscape and trails were just beautiful. We spent a good 5 hours there just walking in nature and seeing everything.
Also, we ate yummy food again! We had siopao (pork buns), tea eggs (eggs cooked in a secret tea recipe - super yummy) and beef noodles.

Piccys! I practiced my skillz with the camera again. I hope I'm improving. I only chose some. Ok there are a lot, but there are way too much more. And I, uh, camerawhored a bit, haha.

cute squirrel

the grizzly black bear was lazy :(
hello there Mr. Owl

one of my attempts using the macro lens (whatcha think?)
and another one
just because I love butterflies and wanted a pic with it on my palm

just because I love my hair in this pic haha
another attempt
and another one
this black butterfly was just too beautiful
sleeping koala!
because I was desperate to see the pandas I had to make do of the giant stuffed one
my brother and I goofing off
lemur! I like to move it move it (it was really hard to take pics of them, they kept on moving)
hippo conference
hello camels
white rhino bum
king penguins! *squeee* (I had to choose only one or else I'll end up posting them all)
more of them, african penguins this time (stupid glass panes)
I had to console myself with the red panda who was too shy
again excuse the camerawhoring, I like my outfit
I loved the lamp posts, too cute

It was almost dinner time when we finished our trip to the zoo so we decided to eat at this yummy Chinese fine dining resto at Shinkong Mitsukoshi to celebrate my dad's birthday. :)
meet my family :)
some of the food

And then we went to the Shilin Night Market again for more shopping. There were more street food there and I tried these yummy candied strawberries on a stick. They were fresh strawberries dipped in strawberry syrup candy. My mom, dad and brother found it too sweet, but I didn't. I loved it. We also bought more cuttlefish. I guess its obvious by now that we love to eat, no? :)
walking around the night market

the candied strawberries <3

Back in the hotel, I couldn't help myself and ate some custard again. And also fresh strawberries. And vodka! Wooo! And then I remember Valencia killing me with joy. I was watching the highlights of the game, with Silva and Mata killing me with their teaming up on that goal. Also Albiol's goal and celebration. Guh. Sweet.


chicnandia said...

I love your outfit too (i would totally wear it anytime)... Your mom looks so young!!Im jealous I want to go to the zoo and see the butterflies!!And I want those strawberries!!

Clarice (Aianna) said...

Yaay I'm glad you love my outfit! I was freezing then, it was really too cold (the dress was really made of thin material lol). I had a cardigan but I kept removing it when I getting pictures taken because it would ruin the outfit. Haha!

The strawberries are soooo yummy. I want some now :(

And my mom, yeah now you know where I got my looks from, and why I look so young too! It doesn't really show in the pic here but I look so much like my mom.

Misty Stiletto said...

That dress is cute :)

The zoo looks amazing. I love zoo's even though I am so not an animal lover. I could never have that butterfly on me, I mean they're sweet and all, but they fly!!!! Eugh, creeps me out.

Great pictures btw, your photography skills are awesome :)

And you keep making me hungry with all this mention of food.

Gina Villamelon said...

GRIZZLY! LEMUR! PENGUINS! *doesn't know where to look* These pics are cooler than my zoo pics, all the animals were asleep when I went :(

Totally love your outfit too. I'm not big on dresses, but that's just too cute and you look gorge. *squishes her twin*

The close up pic of the butterfly is amazing.

Clarice (Aianna) said...

I like animals, but not so much an animal lover. I like looking at them in zoo's and safari's. I'm kinda picky at which animals to hold or pet and sometimes I get scared.

The butterflies, I've always liked them, idk why. They're so pretty and all. I fear them because they fly, but because I really love them I'm trying to overcome that. It's getting along pretty well. :)

And yaaay, thank you for saying that my skillz are amazing! I still have a lot to learn though. Also, the food - haha sorry, as I've said, we really love to eat out and try the cuisine. :)

Clarice (Aianna) said...

Twin, a lot of the animals were asleep when we went too. And are you kidding me, your pics are cool!

Lol, I'm glad you liked the dress, I know you're not a fan. And aww, thank you *squishes twin back*

I'm surprised at how the butterfly pic came out, it was the first shot I took and when I looked at the screen of my camera I was all, whoa, did I just take that? Lol. I really want to take photography classes now :(