Friday, April 24

Taiwan - Day 3!

It was so cold that day, at 14-15°C. Clearly I did not bring warmer clothes. (And I partly blame Nandia love for saying that I should go with all the minis and shorts, haha).

This time, we went to Guanghua, another part of Taipei. We tried to look for a church so we could hear mass, but we couldn't find a Catholic one. So we just walked around. There was this pretty neat street market with all these Taiwanese products, so we checked it out. We didn't buy anything though. And then there was this electronics and gadgets district. We went to check out more stuff but still no luck with finding my camera. :( My mom got a really good bargain for a Philips digital photo frame though, it's amazing.

the market in Guanghua

random pic of the faraway Taipei 101

It rained that day! It didn't exactly pour down, it was more of a hard drizzle with really strong winds. And I did not like it one bit because I was freezing already. I like the cold, I really do and I love being out in the wind but not when I am wearing clothing made of thin materials, haha! And the rain and wind just added to the cold.

Anyway, we went to the Taipei City Hall district afterwards. We rode the MRT again (well we always do because the places we go to are pretty far from each other) and I was in the mood for camerawhoring so I got my brother to take some pics. These two are the ones I really liked:

And this one while waiting for our bus going to Taipei 101:
We went to see the Taipei 101, which is the tallest building in the world. It's pretty, but for me, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur and the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building in New York is far prettier than it. And again, more camerawhoring, haha :)
that is my brother :)
I really liked the walls.
the wind was blowing really hard, my hair kept flying, haha

The mall was amaze though. It reminded me of Siam Paragon in Bangkok. We ate a very late lunch there. Everyone wanted something different so we ate at the food court. I ordered Singapore chicken rice! Haha, I know I should have sampled some other Taiwanese dishes but I was craving so much for it. We also ordered some noodles and soup and some beef dish. Everything was so yummy. And then more of milk tea, yay. I ordered it with what they call magic jelly but in reality it's a kind of coffee flavored jelly.
yummy food!

We didn't go to the observatory anymore because the tickets were a bit pricey and we won't be seeing the sights that well anyway cos it was raining and was fogging up a bit. We went around some more, bought souvenirs and local delicacies, and went to another mall. Shopped for a bit. And just before we were about to leave, I found Coldstone again! Squeeee. I ordered Our Strawberry Blonde which was strawberry ice cream with graham cracker pie crust, caramel sauce, fresh strawberries and whipped topping smooshed together.

And yes, I did have another pic taken. I wanted to have a pic taken at every Coldstone store I went to just because. Ahahaha. I really cannot hold back when it comes to ice cream. And chocolates. Oh well.

Anyway, the tower at night:

We then went back to the hotel and I figured I'd relax with a long bath in the whirlpool jacuzzi which was amazing. I got to watch the United game after, and I was pleased with the result, we won thanks to new kiddo Kiko Macheda. Valencia was also playing that night but they were to play at 3am Taiwan time. I really wanted to watch it but I was dead tired and if I stayed up, I wouldn't be able to last touring around the next day. When I woke up the next morning, I found out that they won, yay :)


Misty Stiletto said...

Sounds like you have a great time :)

The pictures are all really good. That LOVE sign is brilliant, I wonder how it's look in my room? Maybe a teeny bit too big? Oh well.