Wednesday, April 8

First things first

I am back from my holiday! :) I will blog about my trip in the following days or so, I am still busy atm trying to accomplish the stuff on my to do list that I ignored before leaving. :p

Anyway, this is late as most people already know about this, but still! :D

I just screencapped the important parts of the webpage lol :) I haven't properly celebrated yet! I wonder if I should throw a party. I haven't thrown my grad party yet anyway. Yeah, maybe I'll do that. I'll see.

The only thing that sucks is that I still have to take additional units for English. I don't know why all law schools require 18 units! My uni (Ateneo de Manila University) only requires every student to take 12 units. We have to catch up on additional units for law school. Booo. Boooooo. I start with uni again on April 15th. There goes my summer vacation.

Anyway, this was what I really wanted, and this is such an accomplishment and dream come true for me! Woohoooo! :)


twinyk said...

Congratumalations *hugs*

Misty Stiletto said...

Congrats!!! Very happy for you!! :)

And you should deffo throw a p.a.r.t.y!!!!