Monday, April 20

Loving it!

On a shopping trip last weekend, I found these little darlings:

Harajuku Lovers perfume by Gwen Stefani! Eeeee! I immediately fell in love with these beauties. I think mentioned here on my blog already how much I loved Gwen and her Harajuku Lovers line. And of course, having seen these babies on the shelves, I had to get one of them. There were five of them: Love, Lil' Angel, G, Music, Baby. I liked all scents except Music. As usual I took a long time deciding on one. I narrowed it down to Love and Lil' Angel. I loved both scents Love was floral, and Lil' Angel was fruity-floral. I kind of liked the Love doll better, but of course, I just had to get Lil' Angel.

screencapped from

I absolutely love it. It's so me :p And I got a bonus too! I sweettalked the sales attendant to give me the free watch even if I only bought one bottle (I had to buy two bottles if I wanted to get the watch). Sweet. :)


chicnandia said...

When you first told me you bought it remember how excited I was?? Lil angel...SOOOO YOU!!

Anonymous said...

We really are family! I have the whole set! :D HAHAHAHA I bought it when it came out, I couldn't resist HAHAHAHA.

I LOVE YOUR BLOG ANAK! :D Can i link this in my tumblr?

Misty Stiletto said...

Ooh these are so cute :)