Sunday, April 26

Pimp my tweet.

So last Friday Ali went on pimping out our tweets, and this is my pimping out:

And then I reacted because she didn't include Alexis, but she did include him in the twin's! And the twin reacted too because she didn't get Chente. So Ali did another one...

I loled so much at #theentirevalenciasquad and #sleepdeprived.

And then dear Elena (Nandia) had her own version for me:

I loled so much at 'pretending not to have an Alexis obsession'.

So to them, I'm adorable, innocent (YES I AM!), an angel, sweet and considering. *blushes* Aww thanks girls, I feel loved. :p

My Kickette girls are amazing and I love them so. :)

/EDIT/ Ok, since Nandia wanted me to admit, yes I will admit it, I am finally not pretending anymore. Ktnxbai. :D


chicnandia said...

You didnt write about the biggest outcome of the whole thing:You (finally I must add) admited your obsession..Yaay!!