Wednesday, April 29

Are you ready?

Oh my lord. Short shorts on the loose.
(brought to you by the lovelies from vcf_fangirls)

Ohaaaaiiii Albiol. I see your bum. Higher please? And to Mr Stripper on the left, why don't you just strip everything? Yes?

Come on, spread the loooove. Good job Chente, now get the other boys to strip too. Especially the following: David Josué Jiménez Silva and Alexis Ruano Delgado. Oh, and David Villa Sánchez. Ktnxbai.

Now seriously, is this what you call a joke of a football club?


Gina Villamelon said...

I agree wholeheartedly with this entire post.

Though er, tbh, their 'training' sessions are a bit of a joke lol. They just practise manpiling and test who can get the most naked while wearing clothes.

Clarice (Aianna) said...

Lol, the pic does prove that the training sessions are a joke. Just look at Baraja. And Marchena is smiling. You don't get that often. :p

Gina Villamelon said...

I didn't even notice Marchena was smiling LOL. I am having trouble getting over Albiol ass cheek. It is RIGHT in my line of sight right now.

(btw, the security word I have to type here is outing. Outing what exactly??)

Clarice (Aianna) said...

What outing? Idk. I think it generates random words.

I only noticed Marchena smiling after I read your comment and looked at the pic again. And my line of sight is shifting from left to right in a very fast pace. But mainly it stays on the ass cheek. Guh.

Why does Valencia keep on distracting me.

Anonymous said...

I love big butts and I cannot lie ;) LMAO

it's me inay ahaha