Thursday, December 3


I rarely do this, but it's also so rare that I fall in love at first sight, so this man deserves his own post. The picture says it all. I have no words. *drools uncontrollably*

Mmhmm, and he totally distracted me from studying/revising. He has some power, that hot piece of manmeat. And speaking of manmeat... a little more candy after the jump.

I'm sold. I have a feeling he will be a regular. Maybe it's time I have my own Serie A boy. I'm in looooove.

Thanks to Liz for the vid!


Malin said...

Haha, ahem, YOUR OWN?? Matri has a harem of drooling girls woman, haha. :P

Clarice (Aianna) said...

Lol, I didn't mean 'my own' in the sense that he is mine and only mine. I meant that it's about time I had my own steady crush on a Serie A boy. I'm soooo in love LOL :P

chicnandia said...

I think I had fun with him doing the chest feast,good times,good times!

Malin said...

Well I think you did the right choice!

Oh yes Nandia I remember. But who DIDN'T have fun w him, come to think of it? pretty pretty boy...