Sunday, December 20

Happy VCF Christmas!

I'm bored. So I'm answering this VCF Christmas thingy from vcf_fangirls.

Merry Christmas in advance from bb Silva! <3>

What would you give David Villa for Xmas?
A new designer wardrobe. Not Dsquared.

Where would you spend Xmas with David Silva?
Where else? ;D Under the mistletoe, beside the tree, in front of a fireplace... Anywhere, as long as it's with him. LOL. Seriously, I'd like him to spend Christmas Eve with me and my family. Then we'd spend Christmas Day with his family.

Which player would you kiss under the mistletoe?
Silva, of course. And Albi will be home for Christmas. And Alexis, and Jordi, and Isco, and Mata, and Carlos

Alexis has a New Year's Eve party, but so does Marchena. Which one do you go to?
THIS IS A VERY HARD QUESTION!!! *huffs* Seriously boys, why do you have to have two parties?! Just make it a joint party FFS. Yeah, that's it, I'll just make them throw one huge party. Problem solved.

Who would you most like to see dressed as Santa?
I'd go for Silva. He'll be my Santa baby. Hee. :P

What should be Emery's New Year's resolution?
Find a jacket/coat that fits him well so he won't take ages trying them on during games. And more entertaining hand gestures/airplane directing please. Lol.

You can't think of anything to give Albelda so you give him a gift certificate, but to which shop?
To my twin's shop. Located in her bedroom. :P

Which Xmas movie would you watch with Ever?
I dunno, prolly Home Alone.

Vicente asks you to spend Xmas with him but you have to do it out in the forest, hunting deer. Do you take him up on the offer?
No no no, I don't like people killing animals :( I'd spend Christmas with Chente, but not hunting. Like twin said, it's a moral dilemma! I like Chente but I hate people who hunt. So... :[

You're a bit tipsy at the office Xmas party when Pablo comes up and suggests you go home. Do you do as he says or do you throw yourself at him, knowing everyone will joke about you until the next Xmas party?
If Silva was there, there's no way I'd throw myself at Pablo. Silva will take care of me. *nods*

Alexis had way too much to drink at his NYE party. Do you hold his hair back as he hurls into the toilet, or do you leave him to it?
Of course I'll hold it back! My poor baby. Mustn't get his hair ruined.

Which product from the VCF catalogue do you want for Xmas the most, jersey, backpack, sheets?
Jerseys and sheets! Asindown calendar!!! And the Sesame Street stuffed dolls and VCF bear and pillows! And jackets! And everything lol.

Mata asks to kiss you on the stroke of midnight on NYE. But your boyfriend is there too. Who do you kiss?
I'd kiss the bf first. Then I'd sneak in a kiss with Mata while the bf isn't looking. Haha :P

Your fav player is spending Xmas with you and your family. Does it go well or is it really awkward?
Aww, bb Silva spending time with my family. Too cute. And too adorable. My family will love him. And he'll get along with my brother so well.

Moya buys you a frying pan for Xmas. Do you thank him?
No. I'd just tell him to bring it back to the store so he can use the money to pay for goalkeeping lessons that he desperately needs to take.

Cesar is already asleep before the midnight mass. Do you take the opportunity to draw Santa's beard on him or let him sleep?
Aww, poor Cesar. But I'd draw the beard, he won't get mad anyway and think it'll be hilarious.

What is the ideal Xmas gift for Miguel?
All I can think of is a dozen of really loud alarm clocks.

What would be the best thing for VCF in 2010?
Finish in the top 4, qualify for CL, win Europa League, win Copa del Rey, keep all the important players.

Alexis asks you to make sure Silva gets his Xmas gift. Do you do it, or pretend it's from you, knowing that it's bound to be something awesome?
I won't have to pretend, because I'm the Christmas gift. LOL! :P

Who would you make a whole damn Xmas dinner for?
Silva, of course. And Albi, and Lexie. And well, the whole team, actually. I'd love to have them all for Christmas.