Sunday, December 13

Real Mierda can take the piss.

I am still so pissed and so bitter about last night, we really didn't deserve to lose. I needed to waffle. So if you do not want to read through this, or if you are some Madridista who easily gets offended, I've warned you. Do not click on this post.


Note: I haven't rewatched the game, and only watched the highlights to refresh my mind a bit, so these are the thoughts I have on top of my head. I may have not noticed some things, or saw some things wrongly, if I'm not too busy I shall rewatch the game and maybe edit this.

THE DEFENCE. You fail. I just mentioned a few days ago that Navarro was one of the more reliable ones. But this time, he failed so bad (as well as last week, but that was mostly the ref's fault). That header, he should've made it, it was so easy. I cannot believe how he missed it Ugh. Bruno, idek why he's Unai's first choice. He's been making ridiculous decisions and has already cost us two games. I'd rather have Miguel in there. But then I think Unai is punishing/giving Miguel a lesson on discipline, with his attitude and always being late for training. Dealbert made decent clearances but wasn't his usual self. However, he and Matheiu did a decent job imo. Matheiu contributed to the attacking as usual, adding an added threat along with the forwards. Most importantly, he was the one responsible for setting up Quino's goal. (Sidenote: poor guy picked up a knock during the game and now we will miss him for the Europa League game against Genoa and possibly the final La Liga game too for the year against Depor).

Cesar wasn't his usual amazing self, but you can't solely blame the guy. A keeper can only do his job well if the defence helps him out. The defence, however, was absent. In Higuain's first goal, Cesar couldn't do much about it as he was guarding the opposite corner where Pepe was threatening to score. The defence was scrambling, they left Higuain unmarked and left him to head the ball in the right corner. In his second goal, it was a defensive fail foremost, but I think Cesar should've made a better effort in saving the ball. But Gonzo - I have to hand it to the guy, he was on fire during the match. As for Garay's goal, it was a lucky shot for him. He wasn't even looking, his back and head was turned against the goal and he just nodded the ball towards the far corner of the net. Too bad Cesar couldn't have stretched some more to save it.

Pablo and Mata weren't bursting out to create scoring chances. Pablo had a few chances but failed to make the net. His set pieces and crosses were not up to his usual best. Mata played a bit better than Pablo, finding more chances to score but he couldn't find the net too. His shots were poor. Marchena and Albelda weren't so much effective as the previous matches. However, it was too chaotic in the midfield, too many tackling and shoving and pushing and hurting. I am not biased when I say that those RM twats were giving the Valencianistas a beating of their lives with their hard tackles and fouls. I'm looking at you, Sergio Ramos and Lass. The fucking ref, like all other refs, want their beloved Madrid to win so much, so as usual, we got screwed. How many terrible tackles did he let pass by? And how many fouls did he let go off without giving cards? I think Lass deserved a second yellow and should've been thrown out of the game. Sergio's tackle on Marchena was really bad and I am disgusted at him. Ugh, I am utterly disgusted at them.

Ever was really amazing. He kept on fighting for the ball and trying so hard to keep it in their possession even if those big RM meanies kept on bullying him. He kept on bursting through the RM players and provided the creativity they needed. He was most impressive when he darted through two RM defenders, dragged back the ball with his heel and tried to shoot. It would've been more amazing if the ball went in, but it was still amazing nonetheless. He's been very impressive and is one of the most consistent players in the squad, always giving his best in every game and proving why he deserves to be in the first team.

Dahveed was also there to provide his usual goalscoring skills, he made a beautiful header. A really beautiful one. However I thought that he was playing a quite off game. He would've scored more goals if he was playing his usual. Anyway, even if he was playing an off game, he scored, so it's good. And everyone has an off game every once in a while.

Also, I thought Unai would've started Joaquin. I was quite surprised when I learned he wasn't starting. He really should have. When he put him on, he made an instant impact, and scored us a goal which saved our asses off for a few minutes. If he started together with Pablo, the attack would've been quicker and would've posed a more dangerous threat. Quino has been great in the past few matches, he deserves more chances to start.

Oh well, what's happened has happened, and we could only learn from our mistakes. I refuse to say that the better team won, because they are not better than Valencia. Luckier, maybe, but not better. Valencia didn't deserve to lose and they put up a good fight. I am still so proud of my boys and I have nothing else but so much pride and love for them.

Also, I would just like to react to a stupid brainless 'fan' who made this comment which I happened to read through while scrolling through The Offside Valencia blog:
"why didn’t we played with moya against real madrid??? all of us know well that cesar is madridista, he give the match to real madrid. valencia must sack cesar now, i hate this motherfucker for now on. FUCK YOU CESAR"

Um, can somebody hand me a gun so I can shoot this idiot? Seriously, MOYA?! You wanted Moya in goal for the RM match? Did you want use to lose by 5, no wait, even more, goals? The idiocy! Cesar belongs to Valencia now. He loves Valencia. How many times has he saved our asses when the defence f's up?! He's amazing. He's so amazing that he has the ability to make us want his babies. Sack Cesar? Oh God, if that happens, I might as well jump off a cliff... Dude, you need to get your head checked or something. It's the defence we have a problem with, not him. Cesar can only do so much. And pretty much most of the time, it's him who saves us when the games are not going right. We were just really unlucky this time. You fuck off.

On a last note, because I cannot not mention him here. Albi. Oh God. The moment you walked out on the pitch, I was in pieces. At kickoff, and for the whole 90 minutes and some, you were the enemy. But after the game, when I saw your face... *sighs* You need to come home. Valencia is your home. You don't belong in Madrid. You are a true Valencianista and you best not let Madrid stain you. We will still welcome you with open arms. We still love you, and we always will. Come home, bb. Come home. We'll be waiting.