Saturday, December 5

VCF Fashion: Jackets

Valencia is no doubt the hottest team in La Liga. True fact. And bias aside. Really. But even if they are the hottest team, and even if all of the boys have such pretty faces, they are one of the teams who commit the most fashion fails. Of course they're bound to belong to the list of fashion fails, Alexis is on the team. And don't even get me started on Dahveed's obssession with Dsquared!

Anyway, this post is all about the hotness and the fashion, and well, the fails. Today's post will focus on.... Jackets!

Oh and just a sidenote, my criteria for judging is purely based on my own style and preference. Some people may disagree, but this is purely my own opinions. :)

Unai invites you in!

Mr Unai Emery: I do crush on him and fangirl sometimes when he's not making those stupid tactics and decisions. And when he's wearing glasses. Anyway, he looks really classy here and I approve of the jumper. The jeans are okay too as well as the choice of shoes. He does look too pale though. Can pass off as one of Carlisle Cullen's friends.

Miggy: I like the jacket. I don't like the polo and the trainers. Jeans are ok. He looks good generally.

Ok, I'm going to start with Pablo. He decided to play it safe with a white polo and faded jeans, and a black jacket. Very simple and clean, I like it. And he doesn't look funny here, and he's even giving a little smile! I like very much.

Dealbert. The jacket probably looks ok but I'm not a fan of it. Someone else would've probably rocked that kind of jacket better. And that shirt, I swear I've seen it before. He seems to be fond of stripes. Dealbert is running on top of my 'ballers-who-repeat-their-clothes-every-so-often' list. Um boys, with all the money you're earning, could you at least buy several shirts just so you won't get photographed in the same shirts?

Miku. My eyeeees! Did you go off stealing that jacket from Alexis' closet? Bb, you're hot and all, but that jacket really has to go. Like, immediately. I'd shred it into pieces, I don't even care how much that ridiculous jacket costs. The shirt and jeans combo are ok, but the red jacket is far too distracting. FAIL FAIL FAIL.

And here we have Ziggy looking sharp. His jacket gives off an Indiana Jones-ish vibe. Well at least for me, lol. White shirt+faded jeans = another classic. I approve.

Michel. Guh, he looks hot. Although I do not see the need to wear two jackets (or is it a vest underneath?). Are you that cold, bb? And the jeans, I do not like. The fit is too loose at the knees and I'm not a fan of the fold up ends. I like his shoes though, stylish. Metallic and shiny but not distracting and loud.

Cesar! Also another one who's usually guilty of fashion fails. But this time he looks decent. Not really much to say on his outfit, except that he's wearing two jackets too. Must be really cold I guess?

Maduro looks classy too. His style is kind of like Unai's. The shade of the jeans go well with the whole outfit too. I like.

Chente, umm, what is that jacket?! It looks like an old man's trenchcoat. Or a detective's coat. You should be forbidden to wear jackets like those! Show off your hot body FFS. And because his whole outfit is being covered up by the coat, I'll just turn my attention to his face. Which looks pretty as usual.

Mata looks really good. I love how his shoes coordinate with his scarf, and his jeans fit him just right, and are not clashing with the blue. And I really like his jacket.

Alexis, on the other hand.... Oh God. I don't even know where to start. The hair, I miss his shorter hair. I love how it's still so soft and blonde but I just really miss the old hair. The patent jacket... The jeans are too tight - skinny jeans on a guy? The sparkly shiny sneakers are ok if the jacket wasn't too shiny. UGH UTTER FAIL FAIL FAIL! Why do you insist on wearing shiny things, bb? You are not the Ramos! Do not turn into him! I am hating Elisabeth. She is to blame.

Dahveed. I bet one of those things that he's wearing is Dsquared. Maybe all of them are Dsquared. Lol. He's looking quite good here. The jacket kinda looks big on him but it's ok. The shirt's ok too, finally something not loud and obnoxious! The jeans are ok too. I'm starting to see a trend here, if he's not wearing those icky Dsquared tees, he's wearing checkered/plaid polos.

My bb! I may be a little biased here lol. He looks amazing. And him smiling at the kids, guuuuh. I'm so in love with this man. Anyway, I like his jacket. I love all his Adidas jackets. However, given that it's a team dinner, I think he should've worn something dressier. And the jogging pants, ugh, what were you thinking love? I'm just going to think that you needed to put something on your knee, or that if you had worn jeans or trousers you'd be putting too much pressure on your knee. You're forgiven just this once.

These two are imo the best dressed among the lot. Moya is looking really good. He looks good in anything though, dress him in a sack and he'd still look good. LOL. He's dressed simply. I like the shade of his jeans. His jumper's ok too, plain and simple and doesn't clash with the rest of the outfit. I don't like the pockets on the jacket much but like I said, he looks good.

Fernandes! Love his jacket, love his shirt. The jeans, I do not like as they are too faded and light, but very few people can rock this shade, and he made a damn fine job of rocking them. I just love how he put together this outfit and it really suits him. A+.

So the best dressed award goes to Fernandes, with Moya, Mata and Unai as runners up. The worst dressed award goes to... Um, Alexis? Or no, this time I'll give it to Miku, and Alexis shall be the runner up, because Miku usually dresses nicely and Alexis usually dresses badly.

I am disappointed that there aren't any pics of Marchenator, Quino and Vampy. Those three clean up so nicely! Boo fanboys, you fail.

Photos from aka Superdeporte. <3