Thursday, December 10


This post is long overdue, and I told twin I'd do a similar post like hers, so yeah, here it is. Like her, I went shopping crazy the past few months. Well, I regularly go crazy shopping, but this year it's just really gone out of control. I don't even remember everything that I've bought. Anyway, here are a few of the items I picked up. Forgive the crappy quality btw as the piccys were taken using my phone and I can't be bothered to haul out the DLSR.

I love this pretty dress. It's vintage and it's the only piece made. I don't have to worry if there's anybody out there having the same dress. And it's such a great buy - P500, or around $11/£7.

I love the yellow shade of this one, it's not too bright on the eyes. Really cheap too, P450 - around $10/£6.

I love this dress. It has such a nice fit. It also looks really classy when worn. I cannot wait to wear this in law school. Same price as the dress above, bought it in the same shop.

Ok. This is where most of my money went. Don't ask me how long (or short) it took me to buy these things because I don't even remember. Let's just say that if I were to compute the average, I buy like two pairs of shoes per week. And some shoes are not even included in this pic. Shoes are my obssession, it's becoming even worse as each day passes. Anyway, moving along...

I am also an accessories person, so I bought some new funky bangles and bracelets and whatnot. Oh and a pretty Indian-ish necklace too. It's really pretty, but you can't see it here because the pic quality is crappy.

I'm not as obssessed with bags as compared with shoes. But I do love me some pretty handbags too. I've been wanting the purple one from Dorothy Perkins, but I found these two while on holiday in South Korea and I'm glad I didn't buy the one from DP because I like these two better.

And this one is my favourite! My mother decided to make Christmas come to me early, so she got me this Marc Jacobs handbag as an advanced Christmas present. I loooove it. It would look so good with my camel studded booties.

And then there's more stuff like tops and several skirts and trousers for law school, and some leggings (oh and I bought a couple of pairs of jeggings too lol) and I don't even remember anymore. So yeah, I'm pretty low on cash right now, and it's Christmastime and I haven't even finished shopping for gifts. It's so hard to restrain myself from buying stuff from myself. *sighs* But I do resolve not to shop for myself until Christmas is over. Let's see how long I'll last...


chicnandia said...

Really like the yellow dress.I think it could make a good contrast with your dark hair.
I WANT your blue heels and the black-orange ones are CUTE!