Saturday, May 2

Pic of the Day - Babyface

That's me with three of my friends there (Maan, Vianca and Ruthie). This was taken one day when we all ditched uni to go watch a movie, waste money on these photo stickers and I don't really remember what else, basically we all just got away and had fun.

Anyway, I showed this photo to Nandia before. I asked her to guess how old we were when this pic was taken. She said that the rest of the girls looked 17, 18ish, while I looked... 11.

Seriousy? Do I really look like an 11-year-old? Do you agree?

She got that right, btw. We were all 17 that time. Well, she got the ages right except for me, haha.


ruthie said...

I was 16 then! :p HAHAHHAA

Why didn't you post the Burlesque one? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA :p

chicnandia said...

Ok so maybe after some close looking,I take back what I said about 11.My new quess is 12 LOL.Burlesque??I think you girls did more than see a movie...Angel??