Friday, May 15


So I was going over my old photobucket account the other day, and I was squeeing and jumping with joy when I found these:

Boo, I dunno why they ended up so small. :( These piccies were taken at Canberra, the college, Lanyon Homestead, Bondi Beach, Sydney when I was on my study trip there.

Miss them lovelies! At Bondi Beach.

WOMBAT!!! :D Awwwww I love them.

KOALA!!! I love them too!

It was in that same wildlife park that I got chased by an emu. Hahaha! I cannot find the other piccies, I have the prints but I can't find them on my online albums. Boo. I'm too lazy to scan them.

But I... Uh, I have this. *blushies*


Aww, the memories. I love love love that place and the people. I vow that someday I'll be back in crazy beautiful Australia. Yes. *nods*