Sunday, May 10

I would, again and again, forever.

Valencia 3-0 Real Madrid

The boys were so amazing last night. Even the defence. I have no other words.

I am so proud of them all, but most especially, of my bb Silva. Everyone knows how much I love this man. I cannot even explain how much. He was so amazing last night. I'm just so proud of him, not only for last night, but for every game that he plays, for how hard he trains, and just for being himself. He just makes me so happy. And seeing how he played last night, with all his passes, crosses, attempts and his goal, it just makes my heart burst with pride and joy. :)

He's going to be out for the next game because he received his 5th amarilla. :( Also, he picked up an injury. I saw him during the first half, something in his right thigh was bothering him, he kept wincing and touching it and all. I thought it was a pulled hamstring. By the second half, he couldn't take it anymore and got subbed. :( They say it's a groin strain. (I had nothing to do with it, I promise! :P) They also say that this might prevent him from playing the last remaining games because of this. Please, no :( Please be ok, bb. We need you. I need you!

It's about time I gave him a little picspam of his pics from last night's game on my blog. ILYSFM, Jiménez.

And, er, cute blondie deserves one too.

And what did I say about his feral kitty growl? :P

That's my hero. *melts into a puddle of incoherent mess*

Adios, dying for a while. :P