Saturday, May 9


It's been a long time since I had a proper rant, and I usually keep these things to myself but this time it just ticked me off so bad.

It really really really REALLY pisses me off to see/hear/read about 'fans' claiming or pretending to be PROPER fans. They think they know a lot about the club, about the players, how they play, etc. etc. But no, they don't! They even have the nerve to call the boys THEIR boys... Right. They don't even know who's who in the effing team, FFS. They don't even know the match scheds! Is that a proper fan? Is that even a fan at all?!

I know I haven't been supporting Valencia for so long but dammit, I know so much about them, more than these 'fans' know. I don't just fangirl over the boys, I fangirl over their skillz and their abilities and I do not fangirl over individual players. I do have my favorites of course, but I support and fangirl over the whole effing team. No matter how much they break my heart at times, I still stick by them and love them with all my heart. I support the team not only because they're pretty (they are, too much, but that's just an added bonus lol), but because they're Valencia and they're bloody amazing.

Also, it doesn't piss me off so much if it was someone I didn't know. I'd just ignore them. But this particular one I do know, and it makes my blood boil so much!

Arrrrghhhh I'm going to rip my hair out if I hear one more thing from these people.

Ok, rant over.