Friday, June 26


I hate that I've been neglecting my blog. It's not like I have much to blog about anyway. Well there are stuff to blog about, I just choose not to. And besides I don't have time. But yeah, again, in an effort to keep this up, I give you my latest additions to my ever growing shoe collection.

oh hello five inches I won't be short anymore wahey

Who said that corporate dressing can't be fashionable? I want more shoooooeeeees. And the clothes, I need more clothes. It's sad that I don't get to wear anything I want to school anymore, but I'm getting the hang of fashionable corporate dressing. Must shop more.


chicnandia said...

Me jealous!!Me wants shoes!!Me wants to go shopping!!The black ones are AMAZING!!

Clarice (Aianna) said...

IKR? I love the black ones! They're not exactly for corporate dressing (and I had to convince my mom that I can wear them) LOL but I just had to get them!