Thursday, June 4

Something irrelevant

Just because I want to blog even if there's nothing really interesting to blog about.

Got this from twiny.

Right first click this wikipedia link that will send you to a random article:
The name of the article will be the name of your band.
Next step, click this quotations link:
The last 4-5 word of the last quote on the page will be the title of the album!
As for the album cover click: The 3rd picture will be the cover of the album! Then Photoshop together.

Ok, here it is:


chicnandia said...

Oh yours came at so beautiful!!It all worked pretty together!!If I do it it will come out stupid!!

Kylah (Twinyk) said...

I love the picture. Is it just me or does the picture suit you just a teeny tiny bit?

Clarice (Aianna) said...

Twiny, I do think that the pic suits me. Not just a teeny tiny bit, I think it suits me a lot. Haha.

Elena, go do it!!!