Tuesday, June 16

Just to keep it alive and kicking yo.

I am very very busy with law school and couldn't be bothered to keep this blog up and running :( But I want to keep it up, so I am going to post another survey thing that I saw from ontd, and Nandia did it on her blog too.

Here goes!

1) Your name : Anna Clarice is the real name. Aianna is really Ai An Na, my Chinese name.

2) Age : too young to be serious about life. Lol. 21. But I'm told I look like 15/16.

3) Where are you from ? the tropical islands of the Philippines

4) Date of birth: 15 de enero de 1988

5) Your hobbies: dancing, reading, watching football and other sports, wasting time online

6) What do you do in your life? I'm currently a first year law student trying to cope and tell myself that I can make it til the end. Lol. I'm also a ballerina who can dance just about any other type of dance aside from ballet, and currently trying to balance my dancing career with my law studies.

7) Favorite club(s): Valencia CF, MUFC, LFC. Spain NT.

8) What got you into football? I don't even know... I got acquainted watching the World Cup then it just evolved into a wonderful relationship with the EPL and La Liga.

9) Your favorite current football players: Valencia CF. Hehe. Seriously, in terms of skillz: David Silva, David Villa, Xavi, Cristiano Ronaldo. Though I'm saying goodbye to Cris now. *sob*

10) Your favorite past football players: David Beckham, Kaka, Ronaldinho, Fat Ronaldo. Yes, I was a Brazil NT fan before.

11) Most memorable game? Because I sadly missed the Euros... I guess it's going to be the CL final 2007/08. Or the 2nd round of the UEFA Cup 2008/09, Dynamo Kyiv-Valencia. And the Valencia-Real Madrid game, Silva's last game for the season. Ok, there's a lot.. Haha.

12) What do you think about the Real Madrid situation? Because I love Elena, I will not comment on this.

13) Is there a thing you would like to change about your club? If so what? Valencia - I want the stupid financial debts to go away. And for the current squad to stay.

14) favorite ice cream flavor: Oooh, a lot. Strawberry, Mango, Haagen Dazs' Dulce de Leche, Ben&Jerry's Half Baked, Green Tea, Chocolate, Vanilla

15) Chocolate or Vanilla? It depends.

16) Coke or pepsi? Coke

17) Ketchup or mustard? Both! But I'm picky when it comes to ketchup, it HAS to be Heinz.

18) Iker or Pepe Reina? Iker

19) Sernando or Sergago? Silva-Alexis.

20) Kickette or dirty tackle? Kickette

21) Premier league or la liga? La Liga

22) Jose or Pep ? Pep

23) Which player would you like to spend a night with? David Josue Jiménez Silva

24) Which three players would you like to be stuck on a desert island with? Silva, Alexis, Albiol

25) Which player do you like that you really shouldn't? Xavi

26) Which footballer would you describe yourself as like/relate to/something like that? Silva. We're seriously MFEO.

27) First live concert? I don't remember! I think it was... Incubus? From so long ago. Haha

28) A band you will always love: Hanson lol. Maroon 5!

29) If you could be one musical artist who would you be? Gwen Stefani (Oooh, same as Elena)

30) Favourite and least favourite subjects at school: I loved English and Literature. I hated Math.

31) Favoruite clothes shop: Zara and Topshop

32) Current favourite outfit: Er, idk. I don't have a fave outfit.

33) Flats or heels? Heels, but I don't wear them a lot haha. I do now, now that I'm in law school and the dress code's corporate attire. But I still love my flipflops and sandals.

34) Late nights or early mornings? Late nights of course

35) Small social gathering with a few close friends or a wild party with tons of people? Irl I prefer being with my closest friends. But I would do the wild party with my Kickette girls (and our boys of course) in a heartbeat!

36) Facebook or twitter? Twitter ftw yo! <3


chicnandia said...

Love how we both want to be Gwen!!....Thanks for this:"12) What do you think about the Real Madrid situation? Because I love Elena, I will not comment on this."Tho I can guess how you feel!