Saturday, June 6

Adios, mi verano

So my summer has officially ended. To be honest, I didn't feel like it was summer at all. Except for the first two weeks, I guess. Why? Because my summer was occupied mainly by:

  1. an extra English course at uni (because law school required me to do so)
  2. my summer job as a ballet teacher
  3. trainings and rehearsals
  4. my last major show/recital with my dance group
But then I still managed to get myself a vacation. There was the...
  1. month and a few weeks off uni
  2. beach trip back in March
  3. holiday in Taiwan
There were a few heartbreaking events though...
  1. Valencia. Need I say more?
  2. Man U losing the CL
  3. personal, real life heartbreaks (which were quite a lot...)
  4. transfer rumors/speculations (Which are still to continue for the next couple of months... Oh David :( don't leave me!)
  5. failed trip to London (boo parents and swine flu outbreak)
  6. wonky sleeping hours (because of football)
  7. not getting enough sleep (again, because of the football)
*Notice that most of the heartbreaks are footy-related. I need to get a life*

But then there were the highlights of my summer...
  1. getting accepted into Ateneo Law School - the top law school in my country
  2. being in the top 100 that got accepted
  3. having Josue - my iTouch <3
  4. football - the rollercoaster that is Valencia, Manchester United winning the Prem, and Liverpool finishing just a little behind them (basically, the good thing about this is that I got to stay up to watch without having to worry about uni *kicks timezones*)
  5. David Archuleta/David Cook concert
  6. holiday (especially the shopping!) in Taiwan
  7. crazy, crazy nights out with friends I love
  8. being online for long periods of time - yes, this is a highlight, because if not for this, I wouldn't have gotten the chance to bond with the best online friends evarrr. <3 The batshit crazy convos especially the metaphors are love. Oh and Kickette FC ftw!!! :)
  9. finding love again - ok that was cheesy. Ugh. :P
  10. my last major show which turned out to be so amazing :)
Right, I guess that's it. I guess it was still a good summer after all. But there were better summers than this. I have one last summer left, and that is next year's, because the next years after that, I will be going on internships at law firms. *shudders* Gah, I don't want to think about it yet, I'm still too young for all of this! Lol. :P

With that, I kiss summer goodbye! I still want another vacation though. Can't wait for October.