Monday, July 6

WAG post.

I don't really care about WAGs and I don't like Cheryl Cole. But I just had to give her a mention on here because I love everything about her outfit in this picture:

Photo from Kickette

I love purple, and I love the shade of the top. And purple goes really well with orange. At least for me. I love her skirt. And the shoes. Oh the shoeeees.

This outfit of hers really captures my kind of style. This is more or less what I would wear on a typical day in law school - a button down top, a skirt, and heels. Of course my clothes and shoes would be a hell lot cheaper than hers, (like yeah I can afford Louboutins) but yeah, it's the style I'm talking about lol. I really love the girly-girlishness and the splashes of color in her outfit. Love it. :D


sarah said...

You don't like Cheryl? She used to be the least known member of Girls Aloud then she was a chav. Now she's married to Cashley and every girl I know has a style crush on her. She's just perfection and doesn't put a foot wrong when it comes to fashion.