Sunday, January 17

Shoe Crazy

You know how twins usually do the same things (and I'm just trying to justify my being a copycat for this post lol), so I'm doing a shoe post as well. I have a serious problem with shoes as twin said, but I refuse to admit that it is that worse! I haven't taken pics of my shoe collection and I don't even know how many I own already. And I keep on wanting more, it's insane. So yeah, here's the top 15 pairs I want right now. Some pairs are from past collections and I've been wanting for ages. Mind you, I cannot afford some of them and I'm not going to include the prices anymore cos if I see them I'll just get depressed lol. It's obvious which ones are for wishful thinking only anyway. But hey, I can dream, right? :P

1 - Melissa+Vivienne Westwood, Lady Dragon, yellow&black
2 - Steve Madden, Tristano
3 - Aldo, Stemper

4 - Pedro, Criss-cross Lace-up Heels
5 - Aldo, Eledge
6 - Nine West, Cawley
7 - Carlos by Carlos Santana, Romantica
8 - Christian Louboutin, Studio 120 peep toe pumps
9 - Christian Louboutin, Straratata 140 suede sandals
10 - Jimmy Choo, Loop patent leather sandals
11 - Melisssa+Vivienne Westwood, three straps elevated
12 - Jimmy Choo, Cole
13 - Jimmy Choo, Needle

14 - Miu Miu, Rivet ankle boots
15 - Nine West, Genarosa

And these two are on twin's list but I like them too:
Steve Madden, Twistedd Blush
Steve Madden, Loyyall (twin wants these in blue, I want them in black)


Gina Villamelon said...

I love how different our taste in shoes is, yet how some pairs are so frightfully similar.