Wednesday, January 13

Project 365: 13/365

Kinda crappy pic for today. Bored, stuck in traffic on my way home. Anyhoo, see those bracelets? They're all given to me by some of the most special people in my life. Each one has been given by a different person (except for the black one and the rainbow one, those were given by the same person). There should be more bracelets but the more I keep adding on to them, the heavier it gets, obviously. I interchange some bracelets so I can wear the others too sometimes. And yeah, this was taken in my car, Taylor.


chicnandia said...

Actually I think its one of the best pics you've taken.My favorite is the pink one obviously.
Who's Taylor? *thinks of wolfs*

Clarice (Aianna) said...

Really? I think it's kinda boring lol. Taylor is my car! Twin gave me the pink one :P you should have a bracelet too *hinthint* lol :P