Sunday, September 13

Zombie Workload

I've been meaning to do one of these posts but I've been really lazy to do so. I was inspired by Malin's workload post, so it got me cracking.

Ok, here goes.

So this crate full of cases are only for one class, which is Constitution 1. In this class, we use three thick books about the Philippine Constitution (two of which are not with me at the moment, they are with my friend), plus the shitload of cases you see in the photo above. There is another pile that is waiting to be read, which I forgot to include in the crate because they are on my table. Aside from the books and the cases, my prof also assigns some long, supplemental readings if he feels like it. Funnily enough, despite the deathly workload, this is my favourite subject so far.

This next crate contains the other cases and readings for my other classes: Persons and Family Law, Philosophy of Law, Criminal Law 1, Legal Profession, Legal Research and Statutory Construction. Aside from these readings, there are also books for the classes mentioned above.

Here are my books. As I've said, the two books for Constitution 1 are with my friend. Two other books were borrowed by my friend too - my books for Legal Research and Statutory Construction. Two other books are not in the photo too. They were in my bag, and I forgot to bring them out when I took pics. I was lazy to retake, so yeah. The total number of books is... *drumroll please* 11. Woohoo.

There you go, the two already full crates. I need to get another crate, there are more (and I mean a loooot more) cases and readings coming my way. Still a month to go before my final exams, and then it's finally semestral break! Wooooo! I can do this!


Malin said...

Haha, I am so pleased that Swedish law is built in a different way than yours. UNFORTUNATELY, the books I showed are for ONE 10 week course. One. And all the cases you have, we get access to the same amount but on a database. Clever eh? I love that I dont have to carry them around!

Clarice (Aianna) said...

The cases we have, they're all available online too. We're required to read everything and recite on everything even the littlest details. So it's easier for us to read them all in hard copies instead of glaring at our computer screens, lol. We need to read 20-30 cases for one class, plus the book, plus the supplement. And that's only for one class. On top of that are the other requirements for the other classes. And we have classes every single day until Saturday!

Malin said...

Mehehe, I wouldn't last a day. It's so different here. We are required to use the law, not recite the cases.