Wednesday, September 30

The Wrath of Ketsana/Ondoy

Last weekend, Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy for us Filipinos) hit the country and destroyed not only properties, but also lives of so many people. It has hit global news, so I guess pretty much all of you from the other countries have seen or heard about it. I would just like to share these pics to those who have no idea how disastrous it has become.

pics grabbed from various sources, sent by email

There you have it. Thousands of lives harmed. Families separated. Homes lost. Some of my friends were badly affected. I've been crying and my heart's bleeding for all those who are suffering. I am so lucky and blessed to have survived this calamity unscathed. My family is safe. My home is intact. This was such an eye opener for me, and it made me realise so much, made me appreciate my life and family more. I'm just really thankful that God has spared us, we are truly blessed.

So today I went to my uni to help with the relief operations. I first dropped off the donations I've gathered, then I signed up for a shift. I got assigned to the clothing repacking section where we had to place different items of clothing in plastic bags then tie them up together. Here are some random pics I took.

It was such a great experience. Nevermind that my allergies and asthma kicked in because of the dust and smell of the old clothes. Nevermind that I went home with a bad cold and slight fever. It was all worth it, knowing that I was able to help my fellow countrymen in need, even in my little way.

So friends from the Philippines who do not have classes, please do make use of the time to volunteer and help our fellow Filipinos. Our classes have been suspended until Saturday for us to go out, reach out and help out. Please do so.

Friends from all over the world, if you are interested to help, we would very much appreciate it. Please ask your local Red Cross centers on how to help. You may also donate through the Red Cross website which is here *click* or through PayPal, which is here *click*.

Let us all pray for each other and help each other in this time of need. Thank you for all those who are thinking of us and praying for us, you are greatly loved. ♥