Monday, February 1

I fail.

I haven't been keeping up with my Project 365. I have taken pics, but the past two weeks have just been a busy blur and I haven't taken a pic for each day I missed, I don't think :( I shall post whatever I have soon, when I've sorted the pics out, and when my reading assignments go back to their normal load. I really want to finish this project, so I'll just do what I can to make it work.

I hate exam week. I need a massage after all that. Every muscle in my back hurts so bad, and I have a pulled muscle on my neck. Must book appointment soon. I need to do it soon before another shitload of reading assignments and cases washes me over...

Other than the hell that is law school, and the fail that is Valencia over the weekend, life is pretty much normal, I get my free time (or what little left of it lol), I'm getting time to go out again woohoo! And I guess life has been more than good to me these days. :D

So to make up for this pointless post, have a pic:

Hai there Negredo. And hai there Carlos.
yes I am ignoring the fact that Negredo is the enemy
and no I'm not denying that I'm in love with the Marchenator